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Technical Analysis of Crypto currencies and Fact-Based Driven Predictions

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I focus on finding those currencies which are undervalues as well as as i help with real time predictions based on waves.

Reports Writing

I am generating reports of all coins based on their daily trades and volumes.

APP Development

We are developing a web app by which we will be able to track real time volumes of coins. So we can invest in real time and can get upto 50% profit everyday.

Results Driven

I am a professional trader doing trading since 2012 and with success rate of 85%. you can read my real time calls history on my twitter.

Some Features

We believe in driving best results. I always follow few rules and i never lose that's the reason. Rules are in my twitter profile.

Realtime Predcitions

I help user's in real time wave riding like what's going to happen in next five minutes or 6 hour's

Exam Center

Developing a exam center for my twitter followers so all can learn and earn together.

Split Buying

We believe in best results all it need sometimes is #HODL.

New Interface

We will launch a new real time user interface soon where you can see real time trends of coins.


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